[INFOGRAPHIC] The latest data on cross-border ecommerce

By: Lengow

According to eMarketer, ecommerce will account for 14.6% of total worldwide retail sales by 2020. With China leading the way, the ecommerce market is now in the era of cross-border.

With 70% of European online shoppers who shop from international retailers to benefit from a better price or to have access to a product unavailable in their home country, going international is therefore no longer a choice, but rather a necessity.

Faced with these new buying habits, online retailers must adopt a global strategy while adapting it to the final customer. With about 200 marketplaces in Europe, those platforms can help you make your first steps internationally.

This infographic from Lengow highlights out the trends in the cross-border ecommerce market, as well as the keys to international success.

Here are some trends to keep in mind:

  • 7 out of 10 European online shoppers have made a purchase abroad
  • 60% of online customers don’t shop from websites that are not in their native language
  • 96% of online shoppers have purchased from a marketplace
  • One-third of shoppers change their delivery mode during the process

By: Lengow

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