How Capturing Online Reviews Can Help You Improve Conversions

By Andy Mulcahy - Editor at IMRG



In this video, IMRG editor Andy Mulcahy looks at the different ways in which you could capture online reviews from your customers. The data comes from a report we did with Yext looking at the use of online first party reviews in retail. Consumers are today increasingly looking for reviews to make their purchase decision and put a lot of trust in them. The right reviews can help convince your customer of the quality of your product or service leading to more conversions for your online business. 



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So what I want to look at here is the findings from report we did with Yext, looking at use of online reviews in retail. 

When I say online reviews, what I mean is first party ones, the ones you collect yourself and then you host in your estate – so your website or your app – as opposed to third party platforms which you generally have less control over. 

Why would you want to collect them? It's pretty obvious, people look for reviews and put a lot of trust in them and it could help with conversion. 

There is a technical reason as well, which is that it’s good for SEO. Google does look for reviews and it looks for frequency of them, particularly first party ones and the newness of them as well – a good reason to have them. 

Looking at the different methods that you might use for collecting reviews. You could email people and ask them to do it but you can do it in a lot more subtle and interesting ways. 

If you think about emails that you might send, you can put it in the newsletter but a pretty good place to do it might be in a post transactional one. So when someone bought something and they get the order receipt in their email inbox, why not put a link in there? 

You could do it on the checkout page as well when they've completed in the checkout pages served up or you can do it through other communication methods. 

You may use SMS in certain areas – you might be telling people about the progress of their delivery, which might be a good time to get them to do something. Another way is through click & collect, so if you are telling them your order is now ready for collection, that might be another time to get it in there.

You might work with several partners as well who may have certain communications with your customers so you might want to try and get something in there from them. 

It doesn't have to be digital, you can use physical ones. If you've got a physical receipt or a catalogue, then you could put a QR code in there (some people do actually know what QR codes are, believe it or not!). 

You could use a URL, but if you're going to use a URL, make sure it's really short, because they have to type it in manually. 

The final one on here is looking at apps. If you've got an app then you can use push notifications to say “why not give us a review”, but you have to be very careful with this, don't offer them points or anything like that as a reward for giving you one because you're going to artificially inflate the sentiment, and that basically is coercion which is sailing very close to being illegal. 

In summary, lots of options here. It’s not an exhaustive list, but some really good ways to collect online reviews. 



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