Online Retail News In Brief (11 October 2017)


In case you missed them, we’ve pulled together a few online retail news highlights from around the web this week.

Here are some of the latest stories in online retail.

Poundland and Tesco welcome old coins

As the deadline for spending old-style pound coins approaches, Poundland and Tesco are among the retailers who will accept them after 15th October.

After the deadline, shops will no longer be allowed to give the coins as change, and can choose not to accept the them, but will of course still be allowed to accept them.

There’s been recent frustration among shoppers when retailers have handed out old coins so closer to the 15th.

Barclaycard recommends investment in in-store experience

Barclaycard research has suggested that retailers could encourage an additional £11.6bn spend by offering an improved in-store experience.

  • 55% have abandoned an in-store purchase due to poor experience
  • The average shopper abandons £34 worth of purchases every month due to in-store frustrations
  • Common pain points are long queues to try on clothes and to pay, and unavailable staff

Domino’s Digital Dominance

In the 13 weeks to September 24, Domino’s saw online sales grow by 17.4%. UK sales were up 11.6%, and like-for-like sales rose 8.1%.

Domino’s chief executive, David Wild: “We have seen a real surge in digital engagement, with our new advertising campaign, ‘The Official Food of Everything’, driving a record 200,000 online orders – or 140 a minute – on the last Saturday in September.”

Nisa reports strong growth

In the 26 weeks to 1 October, Nisa’s non-tobacco sales grew 0.8% to a like-for-like £505m, while its core retail showed like-for-like growth of 1.9%. Arnu Misra is set to take over as interim chief executive after acting as independent non-executive director since November.

Speaking of Nisa…

Co-op makes bid for Nisa

The co-op has made a £143m offer for 100% of Nisa shares. Co-op would also take on Nisa’s £105m debt, would allow Nisa members to operate independently under the Nisa brand, access the Co-op product range, and apply to become a Co-op franchise.

Nisa’s 1,400 members are expected to vote on the offer in November. Any deal would be subject to review by the Competitions and Markets Authority.

Pinterest to expand ecommerce functionality

Pinterest plans to introduce more ways for users to shop through the app. It currently includes ‘Buyable Pins’, but intends to offer a ‘shop the look’ functionality, which allows users to click on an image to find out what the product is and visit the retailer’s website.

Angry man rides school bus bonnet

A Baltimore man refused to detach himself from the bonnet of a school bus when seeking retribution for the alleged (plastic) bottling of his car by a child. He demanded to be let on the bus, presumably to perform a citizen’s arrest or act of summary justice.

Image source: BBC News

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