Online Retail News In Brief (5 July 2017)


In case you missed them, we’ve pulled together a few online retail news highlights from around the web this week.

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Here are some of the latest stories in online retail.

Taking the wind out of the sales

Retail Times reported Blue Yonder research in which UK shoppers expressed the disappointments they encounter when shopping for sales. They include:

  • Their desired item having sold out (40% of women report disappointment, as do 22% of men)
  • Their desired colour being unavailable in the sale (51% of respondents)
  • Their desired size not being available in the sale (28% of respondents — 35% of women and 21% of men)

The study also revealed that “85% of consumers spend time comparing prices to find the best discounts either online, on the high street or in catalogues”.

Prime Day Preparation

Retail Gazette announced Amazon’s plan to offer Prime Day prices for a 30-hour period. Prime Day itself will take place on 11 July, and the offers will start at 6pm on 10 July.

Prime Day 2017 is also set to include Mexica, India, and China. There will be 13 participating countries.

Millenials driving fulfillment innovation

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Attest research cited in Essential Retail has suggested that millennials’ expectation of convenience is the key driver of fulfilment solution diversity.

  • 61% of millennials shopping for takeaway will choose another restaurant if their first choice cannot deliver to their home
  • Nearly one quarter use Amazon fresh as part of their weekly shop
  • 36% of millennials “spend sporadically with different grocers throughout the week”.

Voucher decline

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According to Retail Times, a study by Valassis showed that UK shoppers saved £3.4 bn in the 12 months to April 2017, through the use of vouchers and coupons.

The same report also indicated that 41% of shoppers report receiving fewer coupons than they were a year ago. At the same time, 48% of 16-24 year olds (and 33% of all shoppers) report increased use of coupons.

The report also highlights a decline in shopper loyalty. Those who use only one shop for their weekly groceries are 8%, down from 12% last year. 67% of shoppers use “two or three stores on a monthly basis”.

British Airways experiments further with personalisation

Essential Retail has shared BA’s ambitions for a more personalised customer experience. It quotes Jo Boswell, head of customer value management at British Airways:

“Different customers have different needs – a frequent business traveller zipping through terminal five once a week, who is impatient with people slowing him down, would have little need for additional information. But a family, which is often at the infrequent end of our customer base has a lot of questions that need answers.”

Grocery inflation

According to Retail Gazette and the mySupermarket Grocery Tracker, a typical 35-item grocery shop cost £83.04 in June 2017, up from £81.33 in May, and 21p more than June 2016.

mySupermarket’s chief executive Gilad Simhony attributed the prices to “political and economic uncertainty”.

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