[PODCAST] Where is retail technology heading?


AR, VR, voice technology, smart mattresses...

Pretty much every has access to technology, and it's spreading into more areas of life.

The question is what's going to last, what's worth the effort, and what are the risks associated with innovation, technology, and data?

On Tuesday 17th April 2018, IMRG Strategy and Insight Director Andy Mulcahy sat down to discuss technology and retail with:

  • Paul Barnes, Northern Europe Director, App Annie
  • Gavin Masters, eCommerce Industry Principle, Maginus
  • Owen Hancock, Head of Strategy, EU, CJ Affiliate
  • Peter McCarthy, Business Development Director, Koomoo
  • Brandon Wilkins, General Manager – EU, Bronto

What is tech, and what isn't it? Does it mean innovation, the futuristic, or just anything that you use to maker your life better?

Most importantly, what technology should retailers be aware of, preparing for, and implementing?

Listen now to find out.

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