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Chargebacks911® is a leader in payments industry innovation, pushing the envelope in chargeback mitigation to help merchants recover more revenue than ever-before possible. The company provides innovative new solutions, patented technologies, and tactical dispute strategies to manage chargebacks. This strategy is based on the fundamental principle that all chargebacks are produced by one of three sources: criminal fraud, friendly fraud, or merchant error. Dynamic, scalable solutions are customised for more than 25 different industries, with flexibility to accommodate any payment method or sales tactic. Non-technical and API integrations generate quick and effortless results. Chargebacks911 has locations in North America and Europe to support global merchants with on-demand, region-specific expertise. Chargebacks911 has also taken home the Customer Choice Award for Best Chargeback Management Solution at the CardNotPresent Awards for four years in succession.

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10 top tips to better manage your chargebacks in the run-up to the holidays

10 top tips to better manage your chargebacks in the run-up to the holidays


Friendly fraud has become increasingly easier to commit since (1) consumers are shrouded by anonymity when shopping online, and (2) contactless deliveries mean they don’t have to confirm that a package has arrived safely at the point of exchange. This has been exacerbated by changes in consumer behaviour as a result of the financial implications of COVID-19....

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