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Intersoft Systems and Programming Limited create delivery management software that powers deliveries around the globe. Our cloud based solution, Intelligent Shipper, manages the life of a shipment from order to delivery and back through to returns. With every parcel fully tracked. Intelligent Shipper allows you to deliver nationally and internationally with access to domestic and global carriers. Intelligent Shipper 2.0 is written in the latest .Net language, the most up to date delivery management software on the market. A modular, scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with any system either through API or bespoke back office integration. There is nothing standard about our systems it is tailored to each customer’s needs. Intersoft has been the intelligence behind deliveries since 1993, creating delivery management software for over 24 years. Our enthusiastic team are based under one roof in Greater London, which allows our specialised teams to work together, ensuring that we are proactive and reactive with a continuity throughout. Main Feature Intelligent Shipper 2.0 manages the life of a shipment from order to delivery and back through returns Order management – the routing engine automatically selects the carrier and service according to pre-programmed rules such as, cheapest delivery, fastest, cost of item etc. Instant label creation – once a carrier and service has been allocated the label can be processed in a millisecond. Intelligent tracking – receive data in real time with automated alerts sent to carrier and customer. Customer service – a dedicated dashboard allowing easy access to delivery information and simple search tools to find specific shipments or identify issues. Intelligent reporting – monitors warehouse, dispatch and carrier performance. Invoice and cost centre – automated invoice and carrier checks and in-depth financial reports. Returns portal – allows you full transparency and the customer to manage their returns. Fully tracked back to you. Main Benefits Full control and visibility at every point of the delivery cycle. Automated processes save time and money and increase efficiency. Easily change and set up new carriers to offer the best delivery at the best cost. Improve customer service with automatic tracking alerts. Gain customer loyalty with a great delivery experience. Strengthen your brand with our fully brand-able system, so your customers only ever see you. Scalability, your system can grow with you. Make the system work for you – tailor it to your needs. Improve your returns process to increase profits and customer experience.

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