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Who are Intersoft? We are a British company, specialising in delivery management software, with over 25 years of history and a global footprint. Part of the Royal Mail Group, we continue to offer multi-carrier solutions to Retailers and eCommerce partners which can be tailored to each customer’s needs. Our enthusiastic team are based under one roof in Greater London, which allows our specialised teams to work together, ensuring that we are proactive with a continuity throughout. Intersoft has grown dramatically over the last few years, with thousands of customers now relying on our solution to help them process their ever-growing customer demand for effective delivery solutions. What does Intersoft do? We offer a cloud-based solution for carrier label production, with over 70+ carriers to over 200 countries using our platform, our customers can post efficiently on their accounts with their chosen carriers. Intelligent Shipper, manages the life of a shipment from order to delivery and back through to returns. With every parcel fully tracked. Intelligent Shipper allows you to deliver nationally and internationally with access to domestic and global carriers. A modular, scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with any system either through API or our bespoke back-office integration. Who uses our solution? Retailers & Carriers Why do retailers & carriers turn to us? It may be a cost-saving initiative, an upgrading of their current solution or demand for change with the need for a more powerful solution to match the scale of their operation. The reasons are endless all with the core aim of having a secure and flexible cost-effective carrier management solution they can rely on. 3Pi/3PL’s Why do eCommerce, Warehouse and Order Management solution providers turn to us? Because we are the solution provider of choice, especially for Royal Mail, using our integration lets them focus on the core of their business rather than trying to meet the ever-changing demands of the carriers. Our API’s allow Intersoft to be the invisible partner and providing your brand with a trusted solution. What does our platform offer? Royal Mail Approved Solution - Intersoft's Intelligent Shipper offer global shipping solutions and we are constantly evolving to meet the rapid changes in global trade, eCommerce & delivery requirements Multi Carrier Delivery Solutions: Labels, manifesting & customs documents Integrated tracking, reporting, and customer service consoles Checkout integration, returns management & branded customer communications Systems driven rules-based best label selection and more

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Member Content: How Retailers can Survive the Changing Retail Landscape by Intersoft

Member Content: How Retailers can Survive the Changing Retail Landscape by Intersoft


In this report, Intersoft looks at the challenges faced by the High Street – both before ...

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