Junction 4 Pallets

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West Moor Farm, Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3EA
01302 831257


Junction 4 Pallets is an established limited company, which has built its reputation on fair trading, communication, trust, long lasting relationships and excellent service levels. The company was originally established in 1995 and was restructured in 1998 to become a limited company consisting of four family members. Junction 4 Pallets has shown a remarkable pattern of growth over the last 25 years, achieving a turnover in excess of £17m. We have created a business that is not driven by external shareholders and that fulfils all the needs of the wooden pallet market. Our belief is that Junction 4 is a significantly different company, as we consistently work together, act with integrity and respect and strive for sustainable relationships with customers, rather than fast profits. This is demonstrated by the number of blue chip companies throughout the UK which use our services. We continually develop improvements, in order to offer more innovative solutions at a better cost than our competitors.

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