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We believe that customer data is the lifeblood of your organisation. Unfortunately, it goes stale over time (up to 25% per year). Much of it caused by incorrect, outdated, or unstructured and fragmented across multiple systems - preventing clear insight, successful marketing, and sales efforts, operational efficiency, and rewarding customer experience. For more than 35 years Melissa has been a leading provider of global data quality and identity verification solutions. Using pioneering technology and multi-sourced global reference data, we provide the solutions to support your Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives, prevent fraud, reduce costs, and improve fulfilment - at every point of the data chain. see why over 10,000 clients have chosen Melissa to grow their business and achieve more.

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Why clean customer data is vital for e-tailers during and post pandemic

Why clean customer data is vital for e-tailers during and post pandemic


While things are buoyant for many in ecommerce, to maintain and importantly continue their strong growth during and post pandemic, they must ensure best practice with their customer data. This is particularly important when it costs five times more to acquire a new a customer than retain an existing one....

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