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In December 1993, Arabian Hala Company observed an opportunity to enter the “door-to-door” pickup & delivery service industry. After an intensive market research, it developed a fully computerized overnight express service, encompassing 20 major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the name of HALA Express. The operations of HALA Express started in June 1994 with a fleet of more than 150 trucks and vans. HALA Express used its financial strength to quickly build up the network and became one of the leading express Transport and Logistics Company in the Kingdom with over 700 vehicles and a network of 4900 cities towns and villages. In 2005, Saudi Post (Public corporation wholly owned by Government of Saudi Arabia), took an initiative to expand into the Full Truck Load, Parcel and Less than Truck Load segments and approached Arabian Hala Company, to establish an alliance. A joint-venture between Saudi Post and Arabian Hala Company was formed on 1st August 2005 and the formation of “NAQEL” happened. The Company was established with two shareholders, Saudi Post holding 51% equity and Arabian Hala 49% equity, by a special decree passed by the council of ministers. NAQEL focuses its services on providing Logistics Supply Chain Solutions, to its customers with utmost satisfaction in quality and efficiency. A highly qualified, competent management team consists of both Saudis and Expatriates work towards providing complete customer satisfaction with their vast experiences in the logistics and transportation field.

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How to take advantage of Saudi Arabia's booming ecommerce market

How to take advantage of Saudi Arabia's booming ecommerce market


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