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Founded in 2013 by retailers, for retailers, Openpay is a next-generation, interest-free payment solution that helps customers responsibly manage their purchases. The mission of the customer centric company is to change the way people pay for the better, offering a flexible alternative to expensive overdrafts and credit cards. In 2019, the fintech announced its international expansion by entering the UK, its first market outside of Australia and New Zealand. Following an initial payment at the time of purchase, customers can spread payments into equal monthly instalments, typically over a three to six-month period. Customers can then align future payments with their pay cycle helping them manage their finances more easily. Customers pay no interest ever and there are no hidden fees. Sign-up is quick and easy, with customers able to purchase through Openpay in up to 90 seconds. For more information about Openpay please visit:

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Social Media Shaping Consumer Attitudes to Shopping

Social Media Shaping Consumer Attitudes to Shopping


Young shoppers are often stereotyped as spending more frivolously and recklessly than older generations. Articles all over the news are constantly echoing the idea that younger consumers are more likely to spend their cash on technology, clothes and eating out. While this may or may not be true, it’s worth thinking about the role social media plays in influencing spending decisions....

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