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Quadient, 3rd Floor Press Centre, Here East, 14 East Bay Lane, London E15 2GW
07970 560299


Quadient provides smart and secure parcel storage solutions. As online shopping and click and collect gains in popularity, retailers face the challenge of providing convenient ways for customers to choose their preferred location at point of checkout. At the same time retailers want to ensure the process of managing parcel pickup is fast and efficient for both retailer and consumer. Packcity lockers from Quadient provide ideal parcel storage for customers collecting their items in-store, or from other convenient locations. Customers use the information sent to them automatically to gain access to the lockers containing their orders. There’s no queuing and staff, who previously spent time retrieving click and collect parcels, are freed up to serve customers instead. Quadient has supplied a network of lockers in more than 10,000 locations and is one of the largest parcel locker suppliers globally.

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