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SAP Customer Experience helps organizations integrate digital platforms to provide better customer experience journeys. To do this, however, organizations require consent-driven, trusted data.

Five factors shape customer experience.

First, external forces, from data breaches to customers being concerned with how organizations use their data, can inhibit an organization’s ability to gather it. Second, to fulfill the increased expectations of informed customers, organizations need a holistic and single view of each one. Trusted data can be used to build this single view.

Third, customers want an experience that takes them through the entire lifecycle of a product or service and creating this experience will help organizations retain customers for life. Research shows that it costs much more to acquire new customers than to maintain them.

The fourth factor shaping customer experience is the digital-first marketing environment. Customers connect with brands first and foremost through digital channels, so organizations must cater to this channel of communication.

The last factor is the connection between an organization’s customer relationship interface and its supply chain, or (in simpler terms) between an organization’s demand chain and supply chain. When all parts of an organization are connected and communicating, customer experience improves.

SAP Customer Experience enables brands to successfully attract and engage with audiences to drive demand and conversions. It also enables them to deliver personalized experiences to increase growth and revenue while keeping customers satisfied and loyal. SAP Customer Experience does all of this to enable brands to do more with less by accelerating time-to-market and optimizing marketing spend.

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