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TSI Payment offers the most comprehensive line of payment solutions on the market: electronic money, payment services and multi-party payments. TSI Payment, a French Fintech company with more than 14 years of experience, manages all current and future payments and brings expertise and innovation in the area of electronic money and payments. TSI Payment is focusing on tackling the three main issues commercial entities addressing the B2C market are facing: being paid efficiently, optimising loyalty while including effective cross-channel experience when applicable, facilitating their business development strategy by monetising their brand/platform, adding a vendor/partner ecosystems or more commonly called creating a marketplace. As a 360 payments player, TSI helps companies to solve those issues by covering the three central payments areas: payments services, electronic money and third-party payment (marketplace). TSI offers all standards payment methods in a “full service” approach from UX-processing to acquiring. It includes card payments, PayPal, sepa-wire transfer based payments but also a key new payment method which TSI was first in Europe to offer as early as 2013: cash payment for e-commerce called YesByCash. This is a very significative and exciting opportunity for all e-commerce and cross-channel retailers which can, through this service, add a significant amount of revenue allowing the use of the most vastly used payment habit (everyone in Europe has cash which is not the case for any other payment method). TSI is the only Payment institution effectively covering indeed 100% of the payment methods used in Europe. TSI has also created and is deploying a white label digital wallet. It allows retailers to implement loyalty stored value account, optimising and for some entities digitalising the loyalty programs. Managing real value in accounts rather than loyalty points have been proven to be much more effective. Additionally, retailers can then directly monetise their client base without letting their client's buying behaviour being taken by branded wallet based payment methods. Finally, TSI is licensed to manage third-party payment flows and as such can efficiently manage flows between any given operator and its ecosystem of vendors and partners. All large retailers require a robust marketplace based development strategy and as such needs quick and efficient payment institution to manages payment flows. TSI is saving time and costs to any entity facing the following common challenges: being paid, engaging better and further existing clients, acquiring more clients and developing their business through marketplaces. Offering this comprehensive set of solutions and allowing key mutualisation between these services is in effect providing a unique point of contact. Very rarely can large retailers’ Marketing, IT, and Finance departments rely on the same solution provider to optimise and solve cross-functional challenges which among others, by operational existence and opportunity, are payments. One good case study is the one of TSI deploying the cash payment method for the largest French-based e-retailer, Cdiscount (part of the Casino Group), with online sales of more than €3 billion a year. Cdiscount has validated the use of this payment method as adding more clients, increasing revenues. TSI is looking, like all current players, on how to harness the benefits of enabling a shared distributed, compliant and efficient optimisation of payments through blockchain technology. TSI is also already using AI technology to optimise payment acceptance performance while reducing fraud on 1 API and is extending this technology to another 4 APIs this year. TSI, through its recent restructuring and a new era of fast development through the new brand Transaction Services International, has always been at the forefront of payment innovation. TSI has been issuing, distributing, redeeming and acquiring cryptography secured electronic money since 2003 through its Ticket Premium pre-paid voucher payment method and is investing significantly in additional innovative features in these technologies. TSI is addressing the European market with established relationships with leading companies. The next significant challenges for the +50 employees are to deploy the TSI products across Europe, scaling the methods and processes and maintain the efficiency in growth.

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