IMRG MetaPack Cross-Border Index - April 2018

Reporting March 2018 Performance

  • Cross-Border volume represented 30.6% of all UK dispatches in March 2018 although taking account of the wider market (including smaller retailers and those not so advanced in their cross-border strategies), it is likely that the average for all UK retailers is nearer 22% or 23% of all UK volume.
  • Although the EU accounts for about two thirds of UK e-retail exports, it is the USA that is the single most important destination with about 24% of cross-border volume.
  • The highest order values come from shoppers in Russia, Sweden and especially Hong Kong from where consumers are either targeting high value UK products or consolidating their baskets to optimise the delivery costs for each order

More delivery information is also available directly from MetaPack at MetaPack Carrier Mapping is an industry first public facing resource, presenting carriers and carrier services available across the MetaPack platform.

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