The Click & Collect Evolution In Retail

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Click & collect has established itself as a standard fulfilment channel in mainstream retail, but it continues to evolve.

As ‘omnichannel’ ambitions continue to dominate many retailers’ strategies, click & collect is a tried and trusted way of connecting and harmonising stores and eCommerce. But with the advent of locker networks, the emergence of new solution providers, and burgeoning partnerships across the industry, this space refuses to remain still – continuing to present new opportunities for retailers.

Covid-19 fast tracked the closure of thousands of shops and temporarily closed thousands more, further disrupting the landscape in 2020. In terms of the fortunes of click & collect as a viable fulfilment channel, the global pandemic proved to be both a helping hand in its development as well a handicap all at once.

In this report, IMRG and Consignor discuss how click & collect has evolved since its inception at the turn of the century, what happened to it in this most exceptional of years, and what the future holds.

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