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Valuing Home Delivery Review 2021

Supported by Wincanton


This is the eighth in the series of the bi-annual IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review, first published in 2006 and designed to help the industry’s stakeholders understand the implications and costs incurred when online home delivery fails to meet the shopper’s expectation - which is to get their online purchases to the right place, first time, on time, every time. This year we are delighted to welcome Wincanton as sponsors for the review, calling upon their considerable expertise and insight to further our understanding of this area.

In the 15 years since the first review, the industry has considerably improved the online delivery experience for shoppers with innovation and efficiencies keeping the costs involved as low as possible. However, as standards and performance improve, so customer expectations increase and the aim of the IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review is to help the UK online retail industry maintain its momentum and pace with these expectations.

The 2021 review uses the most recent and valid data available from a range of sources to create as complete a picture as possible and to allow validation and cross-checking of conclusions. Where possible we identify how the pandemic may be affecting results and it is possible that some behaviours and practices driven by recent events may become part of the new norm for online delivery.

All previously unpublished data has been aggregated and no company’s specific data has been attributed. It is not our intention to provide comparisons between competing organisations but rather to bring the industry together to understand current levels of performance, what we can aspire to, and the benefit of reaching higher standards, signposting opportunities for improvement.

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