IMRG Data Webinar – Coronavirus: weekly online sales update - Mobile Deep-Dive

The IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard allows IMRG to track online sales growth on a weekly basis for multiple product categories. IMRG also tracks hundreds of metrics for retailers; many of which are broken down by device, providing retailers with a dissected view of the data and insight across mobile, tablet and desktop / laptop.

This webinar identifies where the most notable behavioural shifts across these devices lie, and how retailers can use this insight to optimise their site across the entire spectrum of devices.

IMRG, eShopWoldMirakl and Akeneo also provided the data and insight behind how shoppers are using devices for online purchasing during the coronavirus outbreak, helping you to navigate these uncertain times and continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We looked at:

  • The points on retail sites where shoppers are more likely to bounce by device
  • Sales growth split by device
  • Checkout abandonment rates and why they vary

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