IMRG Data Webinar – How will Coronavirus affect Black Friday trading in 2020?

With the peak trading periods of Black Friday and Christmas creeping up in the calendar, it’s usually about this time of year that retailers look to firm up their plans for ensuring they can cope with changes in demand, and that their supporting operations are in place to maintain exceptional levels of customer experience.

However, with Covid-19 causing such unpredictable shifts in trading, and so much purchasing migrating online over the past few months; will this be a normal year for these peak periods? Or will the resulting economic turmoil impact upon trade?

In this webinar, IMRG, with the help of eShopWorld, Scurri and Ultra Commerce, looked ahead so that retailers can ensure they are gaining their share of the sales throughout these unpredictable calendar events, as well as being prepared to deal with the challenging shifts in demand.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The factors likely to influence what happens over peak

  • Campaign launch trends from the 2019 Black Friday period

  • How to plan for a very unpredictable peak trading period

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