The IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard allows us to track online sales growth on a weekly basis for multiple product categories. During the Coronavirus outbreak, IMRG are using the dashboard to provide weekly updates on how demand is shifting throughout this crisis period.

We are also monitoring 300 retail websites to see what kind of messaging they are putting up – looking for patterns in how retailers are responding to the massive disruption to their ability to sell as well as the huge changes in customer behaviour.

IMRG’s role is to help the retail industry identify the right approach to take to navigate this incredibly challenging time.

On this webinar, we will look at what IMRG has tracked over the past week of online trading; you will learn:

  • How and if the demand is shifting for online sales
  • How retail operations have been affected to date
  • What is likely to happen over the coming period

This webinar will be 45 minutes long.

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Event Date 4th Jun 2020 to 4th Jun 2020
Event Time 14:00 to 14:45
Location Online