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What impact will the re-opening of shops have on eCommerce? 

Our next virtual networking event welcomes 10-15 eCommerce experts to enter a virtual roundtable style discussion where you’ll get the opportunity to share your knowledge and hear from other retailers about what changes in demand and customer behaviour they've seen since all non-essential stores re-opened on 12 April. 

From initial lockdown to now, retailers have seen unprecedented growth in online shopping, so we’ll look to discuss how this might have changed and whether there’s a bigger focus now on omnichannel. You’ll also get the opportunity to hear what your peers expected to happen and whether the changes have over or under performed these expectations. 

We’ll hear what you’re experiencing one month into stores reopening and whether the prediction that shoppers may be wary and continue to shop online is reflected in what you’re seeing as a retailer. Is the future reality going to be a mix of in-store and online to an extent probably not seen before and what shifts might we anticipate in behaviour and expectation? What are the obstacles to retailers delivering true omnichannel and digital transformation?

Attend this Virtual Roundtable and walk away with insight into:

  • The changes in online demand since the reopening of stores
  • The changes in consumer behaviour since the reopening of stores
  • How your peers’ experiences might have differed to yours
  • Whether the changes have over or underperformed expectations
  • Is the future reality going to be a mix of in-store and online?

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Event Date 11th May 2021 to 11th May 2021
Event Time 11:00 to 12:00 GMT
Location Online