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IMRG’s ‘Retailers Discuss…’ sessions are virtual, hour-long, open debates on an important industry theme or topic, where retailers get the opportunity to ask each other questions in an informal environment. The intention is for everyone to leave the session having learnt from the experiences of other retailers in that area, and take ideas and potential strategic approaches back to their business for consideration.

In this session, the focus is on site navigation. Site visitors can navigate sites using a range of options – the search bar, navigation menu, editorial / blogs etc. What usage do these various options get across different retail sites? Are some journeys preferable, due to higher chance of conversion? Are certain types of customer likely to use some options over others? And what approaches have retailers tried to ensure the experience site visitors get provide the greatest potential for positive outcomes?

Attend this session to find out from your peers:

  • Which journeys visitors take across retail sites
  • What retailers have tried to optimise their search function
  • Approaches to structuring the navigation menu
  • Any interesting innovations retailers are looking at

Note: IMRG’s retail workshops are virtual events open to attendees only.

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Event Date 12th Oct 2021 to 12th Oct 2021
Event Time 11:00 to 12:00 BST
Location Online