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Virtual Roundtable Day 2: Marketing and Customer Communication Strategies in 2021

IMRG’s Fashion Connect Virtual Roundtables fuse knowledge and insight with networking, bringing together 10-15 retailers to discuss topics designed to help rebuild the fashion industry and reveal opportunities for online growth.

The second in a series of three Fashion Connect Virtual Roundtables will focus on marketing and customer communication strategies and how retailers can develop these to combat the challenging year that lies ahead; taking into consideration a momentous evolution in consumer behaviour that still shows signs of turbulence, nearly a year after the pandemic started.

COVID has created very testing times for retail businesses, with demand being stripped away entirely from some product lines and others experiencing huge surges in demand. Now, in 2021, the economic situation is likely to make it a very tough year; how do these factors influence your marketing strategy and how you communicate with your customers?

Join this webinar to discuss exactly that, alongside senior peers from leading fashion retailers. You’ll get the opportunity to discuss key topics around the challenges and opportunities we’ll face in 2021.

Attend this Virtual Roundtable event and gain insight into:

  • Developing marketing and customer communication strategies in 2021
  • How to cope with the evolution of customer behaviour
  • How the pandemic has changed marketing and customer communications strategies
  • How changes in demand should influence your strategies
  • How your peers will be communicating with their customers
  • What your peers learnt from 2020 and how it will future-proof communications

*Please note that spaces on this virtual roundtable event are only available to retailers, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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Event Date 10th Feb 2021 to 10th Feb 2021
Event Time 14:00 to 15:00 GMT
Location Online