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Virtual Roundtable Day 3: Achieving Excellence in Delivery Propositions

IMRG’s Fashion Connect Virtual Roundtables fuse knowledge and insight with networking, bringing together 10-15 retailers to discuss topics designed to help rebuild the fashion industry and reveal opportunities for achieving excellence in all aspects of online retail.

The final networking event in the series of Fashion Connect Virtual Roundtables will focus on how you can achieve excellence in your delivery propositions; as we continue through unpredictable times for retailers and constant changes in customer expectations.

One of the major impacts bought about by COVID has been huge disruption to delivery – with the doorstep experience changing completely, delays to orders becoming common due to online volumes and click and collect usage falling away. What do retailers need to do to update their delivery offer and ensure it meets with highly demanding customer expectations?

Attend this virtual networking event alongside senior peers from leading fashion retailers and debate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for delivery propositions in 2021.

Register for this virtual networking event and gain insight into:

  • How the pandemic changed the way retailers look at delivery
  • How you can meet the constant evolution in customer expectations
  • How you can adapt your delivery propositions to achieve excellence in 2021
  • How your peers faced the challenges brought about by the pandemic
  • How your peers are evolving their own strategies
  • Which delivery options will be most effective in 2021

*Please note that spaces on this virtual roundtable event are only available to retailers, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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Event Date 11th Feb 2021 to 11th Feb 2021
Event Time 14:00 to 15:00 GMT
Location Online