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IMRG is the UK’s online retail association offering data, analysis and insight through various membership tiers, starting from absolutely no cost, and creating opportunities for growth for both retailers and solution providers.

We are dedicated to helping our community of industry leading retailers and solution providers better understand online retail, and improve their business performance.

IMRG for Retailers

Gain the data, analysis, and insight to discover opportunities for online retail growth.

IMRG provides the data, analysis and insight you need, to improve your online performance and adapt your proposition to your customers needs. From our free Data Associate membership to our Data Insider and Retail Membership, we'll help you grow your business.

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IMRG for Solution Providers

Generate leads, create brand awareness, and build relationships with retailers.

Our latest digital membership proposition allows you to: meet and build relationships with the retailers you care about, become established thought leaders in your field, increase awareness and share your expert opinion.

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About IMRG

IMRG is the UK’s online retail association.

We are dedicated to helping our members better understand online retail and improve their performance. By connecting retailers and solution providers through our comprehensive programme of specialist reports, virtual conferences and webinars, providing expert opinion and thought leadership, we help our members stay abreast of key innovations and trends, ensuring they are well informed and equipped with the insight and knowledge to drive business growth.

Since 2000, we have been tracking key online trading data and publishing the results in our retail market tracker. This data together with our expert independent analysis, provides our retailer members with the insight they need to benchmark against key market segments and understand how their organisations are performing.

By bringing together our solution provider members and retailers, we facilitate the sharing of the vast pool of expertise, knowledge and best practice accumulated by the solution provider community across a wide range of specialist areas, making introductions and creating lasting relationships for the mutual benefit of both interest groups.