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Data Insider membership puts you in control. With access to Digital Dashboard, IMRG’s powerful interactive market tracker, members can access latest market sales data, compare performance against their own and guide strategy at the touch of a button. With access to IMRG’s comprehensive programme of webinars, conferences, reports and learning events, you gain the information and insight you need to optimise strategy and drive results.

How do you help?

By sharing your data, you join the community of over 200 retailers who make the IMRG market tracker, the most comprehensive online retail data set in the UK.


IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard

IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard is a sophisticated solution for retailers wanting instant access to market insight and benchmarking data.

Don’t wait until month end. Digital Dashboard gives you fresh weekly data uploaded every Wednesday, and with powerful layered filtering, on-demand, sector specific market performance intelligence, is at your command.

Competitor Filtering

Track your sales performance with precision, using over 40 filters to gain immediate intelligence on the performance of the market segments you select, enabling immediate comparison to your own sales data.

Layer up multiple filters and see detailed information on aggregated sales performance within specific retail sectors, enabling you to benchmark accurately against your own performance. With IMRG’s in-built security thresholds, rest assured that no individual retailers’ performance can be identified.

Filter options include
  • Size (store count & amp; online turnover)
  • Retailer Type (multi-channel vs pureplay)
  • Market Tier (budget/mid/premium)
  • Basket Value

Ultimate Data Benchmarking

By providing your own sales data, as part of Data Insider membership, IMRG are able to give you the ultimate data benchmarking experience. See your own sales data overlaid on the Digital Dashboard, to instantly and conveniently benchmark your performance against the index. Select time frames, performance metrics of importance and filter across a range of options to obtain precision market comparisons that inform and inspire strategy.


What Sectors Do We Track?


  • Accessories Accessories & Hobbies Audio
  • Beauty Beers & Wines Clothing
  • DIY Electrical Footwear
  • Fragrance Furniture Gaming & Computing
  • Garden Garden Furnishings Gardening
  • Gifts Haircare Health & Beauty
  • Home Home & Garden Home Furniture
  • Homewares Homewares & Decorations Large Appliances
  • Lingerie Makeup Medicine
  • Menswear Mobile Commerce Skincare
  • Small Appliances Smartphone Tablet
  • Toiletries Travel Visual & Entertainment
  • Vitamins & Supplements Womenswear

What Metrics Do We Track?

Site Optimisation
  • Visitor Bounce Rate
  • Length Of User Session (Secs)
  • Site Search %
  • Home Page Start Rate
  • Basket Abandonment Rate
  • Home Page Bounce Rate
  • Search Page Exit Rate
  • Product Page Start Rate
  • Checkout Abandonment Rate
  • Home Page Exit Rate
  • Product Page Exit Rate
Acquisition & Retention
  • Active Customer Retention Rate
  • Old Customer Reactivation Rate
  • Average Selling Price Per Item
  • Average Order Value
  • % Of Sales Via A Mobile
  • % Of Visits Via A Mobile
Order Fulfillment
  • Cancellations Due To Fraud
  • % Of Units Returned
  • (Completed Online) % Of Click And Collect Sales
  • PPC ROI Per Pound Spent
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Paid
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Natural
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Display
  • Affiliate ROI Per Pound Spent
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Affiliate
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Direct
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Other
  • Online Marketing ROI Per Pound Spent
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Email
  • % Revenue Derived From Marketing Method: Social
Customer Funnel
  • % Of Total Visits That View A Product Page
  • % Of Checkout Sessions That Convert To Payment
  • % Of Sessions That Convert From A Product Page View To
  • % Of ‘Add To Bag’ Sessions That Convert To Checkout
  • Discount Rate (% Of Gross Revenue Generated From Items On Sale/Discount)

What Are the Other Member Benefits?

Membership is about much more than just data. From weekly newsletters to webinars and in-depth reports, we help you understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the data across a multitude of topics; from funnel optimisation, customer experience, acquisition and retention, to payments, delivery and industry trends.

Join us in person, at one of our 15 annual data breakfasts, covering topics such as customer funnel, site navigation, checkout optimisation and retention strategies. We present our latest data-studies and market insight, giving you knowledge and competitive advantage, to optimise your online performance before the competition.

Or for a complete day of insight, come to any of our four full-day London conferences, on the topics of online fashion, customer experience, delivery and industry trends and data. Deepen your knowledge and network with your peers. Each event is packed with market data, retailer keynotes, panel discussions and expert thought leadership, equipping you for growth.

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