Announcing New Reach and Frequency Metrics


The direct marketing industry has built its reputation on mail being measurable. For mail, this was perceived as a single thud on the door mat. People either responded to it or they didn’t.

Today however, research tells us that mail’s impact goes beyond the doormat. It’s kept and revisited, often many times. It changes how people feel about brands. It’s as likely to drive the reader to a website, as it is to create a direct response.

Royal Mail are working with global market research company TNS to monitor impact and consumer behaviours with mail. Early findings show that mail is shared around the home 20% of the time, and that, on average, a single mail piece seems to generate around 5 impressions.

As part of Effectiveness Week 2016, we’ll be revealing the results of this exploratory study for the first time. Join in the debate, as we explore ways these new insights could impact the way you plan and measure direct marketing campaigns forever.


Jonathan Harman MD, Royal Mail MarketReach


Will Galgey, CEO, Kantar TNS

Dave Brennan, Founder, Media Native

Simon Calvert, Chief Strategy Officer, Lida 


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