IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show – Black Friday Marketing Campaigns in Review + The Big Debate

Hosted by IMRG data gurus and special guest experts Seko, Red Hot Penny, Klarna and Avalara, Click’s Weekly Retail Data Show gives you the actionable insight needed to identify growth opportunities, in a light hearted easy to access webinar format.

Whilst we’ve been doing a lot of looking at the present and attempting to look forward, aiming to help you weather the storm and prepare for constantly changing shifts in demand and consumer behaviour, this webinar takes a look back to last year’s Black Friday event. A look back to a time where things were more aligned to social ‘norms’ and retailers were operating ‘as usual’.

Whilst a lot has changed this year, it’s still worth remembering that humans act, re-act, and consume in very much the same way in most instances. That’s why this webinar will aim to take a look back at last year’s Black Friday’s marketing campaigns. We dissect everything from the top retailers’ marketing efforts to which types of marketing and channels were most effective, so that you can take learnings and create a memorable Black Friday for you and your organisation.

Last year’s marketing campaigns saw everything from companies pushing messages of sustainability, to partnerships with charities promoting goodwill and turning the Black Friday ethos on its head. We look at what campaigns were successful, why they were successful, and how you can follow in the footsteps of those who came out on top.

And what about this year? We finish the session with a debate over whether online sales will exceed expectations this year or crash due to the current climate, with Seko, Red Hot Penny, Klarna and Avalara.

Watch this webinar and walk away with insight into:

  • The best Black Friday campaigns from 2019
  • When did retailers begin to launch their campaigns?
  • What was the nature and variety of these campaigns?
  • What does a successful Black Friday marketing look like from start to finish?
  • What are the reasons to expect a big, or subdued, Black Friday period?

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