IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #48

In this week’s show we get the first indication of how the online market is going to perform as we assess, for the first time, a weekly growth figure comparing against a pandemic rate from 2020 (lockdown started in the UK on 16 Mar). The rate of growth will plummet, but how far down will it go – just down to a lower rate of positive growth, flat, or negative?

We also unravel the data behind what percentage of sales revenue is accounted for by various payment methods available at the checkout; we know that a poor checkout experience can have a detrimental impact on checkout conversion and with so many payment options available, where should retailers be focussing their attention – and what do customer expectations look like?

We also have analysis on clothing retailers’ performance, looking at how it has been distributed across the various groups (small, medium, large and budget, mid-market, premium).

ParcelLab reveal the results of a study they have undertaken into health and beauty retailers - how they structure their offering and where the opportunities are for improvement.

Plus, Qubit's data science teams have mined the data of their 100+ retail customers, sharing their amazing insights and huge opportunities for your business.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • What happens to online growth rates when they compare against 2020 pandemic period rates
  • The usage and share that various payment methods get
  • An in-depth view of how fashion retailers are performing

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