IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #49

Has the pandemic changed how customers are browsing on sites?

In this week’s Data Show we give you a first-look at the data we’ve gleaned from our Quarterly Benchmark site performance report, looking at unique insight into the current performance of the UK e-retail sector. This includes analysis showing how customer habits for finding products and navigating sites has changed during the pandemic and how retailers have adapted their marketing strategies to cater for changes in customer behaviour.

We reveal how much the pandemic has changed customer behaviour and how this has impacted how the eCommerce industry has adapted to a new way of shopping and the need for a much enhanced online customer journey. With so many shoppers shifting from the high street to online, we reveal whether this has had an effect on how users behave when browsing sites.

It goes without saying that customer behaviour affects marketing and which channels must be incorporated into contemporary strategies, so we delve into the revenue share of these various channels, taking a close look at where some of the highest earners are focussing their efforts.

Watch this Weekly Data Show and gain insight into:

  • How the pandemic has affected customer behaviour
  • How retailers are adapting to the changes in customer behaviour
  • Whether customers are browsing more retail sites than usual
  • Marketing channels and revenue split
  • How retailers should adapt their strategies to cater for changing customer expectations

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