IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #50

2021 Quarter One Performance review

IMRG’s Weekly Data Show is your primary source of information on what’s going on in ecommerce. In this episode we reveal the latest insight on how the online retail market performed during Q1 and March.

With this episode falling just as March closes out, our data experts are ready to review Q1 and give you an overview of how the market has performed as we left peak periods behind, entered the second year of the pandemic, and early signs of decline in growth started to show across the entire industry.

Watch this webinar as we identify early signs for how the market might be shaping up for a very bumpy 2021

Our guest speakers Jim Rudall - Head of Sales EMEA at Shopify and Olivia Clara Gates - Tax Technology Solutions Manager EMEA at Avalara then take us through the keys to customer retention in an open discussion forum, addressing both domestic and cross border retention strategies.

Watch this Weekly Data Show and gain insight into:

  • Q1 eCommerce sales performance
  • An overview of sales performance during March
  • Which categories saw an increase in sales performance growth
  • Which categories have seen a decline in growth
  • Effective customer retention strategies

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IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #50 from IMRG VIMEO on Vimeo.