IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #51

In this week’s eCommerce weekly update we show you how the market is performing as we continue through April, where we’re starting to see the government’s easing of restrictions come into play.

We look at how customer behaviour has shifted as the pandemic has presented different challenges and how we think demand might change as we look ahead to the coming months, where sunnier days and the promise of increased socialising are on the horizon.

The Home & Garden sector has performed extraordinarily well throughout the pandemic, so we shine a light on this area as our data experts reveal the figures behind the growth, giving you an update on the detail behind the performance.

We look to reveal whether the coming months will look the same as those just gone in relation to eCommerce growth, or whether they will shift as consumers shopping habits start to change with the easing of covid-19 restrictions.

Watch this weekly eCommerce data show and gain insight into:

  • How the eCommerce market is performing
  • What growth between the different sectors looks like
  • How customer behaviour is changing
  • How the easing of restrictions is affecting eCommerce
  • How the Home & Garden sector has performed over the past 12 months
  • How the Home & Garden sector will perform in the coming months

With guest speakers from Akeneo, ChannelAdvisor and Qubit.

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