IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #52

In this episode, we give you our usual update on how the overall market is performing and with stores finally re-welcoming shoppers after a three month lockdown, we look at how customer behaviour has changed and whether the ability to move from online to the high street again has affected online demand.

With non-essential shops now open since 12 April but with heavy restrictions in place, including social distancing and face masks, we look at the data to show whether people have continued to choose online alternatives in order to avoid the complexities of physical stores, and how we think demand will continue to shift as the roadmap out of lockdown picks up momentum and we move through the different stages of restrictions.

In this webinar we also share the results of a shopper survey into expectations for how they will use online and physical as things continue to open up.

Watch this weekly data show and gain insight into:

  • How customer behaviour has changed with non-essential stores re-opening
  • How online demand has been affected
  • How we think online demand will continue to shift
  • How customers expect to use the various channels available to them

With guest speakers from Emarsys, Remarkable Commerce and MentionMe.

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