IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #54

With this episode falling one month after all non-essential stores re-opened, we take a close look at how the market has performed over the last four weeks; giving you an overall view of sales performance as we continue to see a decline in COVID-19 cases, an increase in the number of people vaccinated, and a seemingly more positive outlook for the UK high street.

We look at how the balance of physical and online shopping has evolved as we enter the second month of physical stores being open and we aim to give you insight into the effects the easing of restrictions has had on the market.

In this episode, alongside our usual update on how the overall market is performing – we look at the impact of failed deliveries, including how people respond to it emotionally, and putting the spotlight on a new dataset on referrals that IMRG is launching with Mention Me.

As well as this, WPIC discuss the tactical steps to launching an online store in China via Tmall or These steps include administrative elements, store design and development, shipping and logistical considerations, and more. Loqate then provide 5 insights on the cost of failed deliveries and what you can do to help diminish this cost.

Watch this Data Show and walk away with insight into:

  • How the eCommerce market is performing one month into physical stores re-opening
  • How the various categories are currently performing 
  • How we expect this might evolve in the coming weeks 
  • How likely customers are to refer various types of retailer by category
  • The impact of failed deliveries on customers

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