IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #55

With this episode falling three days after further restrictions being lifted, including hospitality venues allowing indoor seating and holidays abroad to green list countries possible, welook at how this might have affected the eCommerce industry and whether it’s has had an impact on certain categories.

As we know, categories such as Home & Garden saw tremendous growth during lockdown, but now, as people venture out more and socialising becomes a possibility, we might expect to see a shift in consumer spending. We look at how spending habits have begun to change and what the outlook is for retailers across the board.   

In this episode, alongside our usual update on how the overall market is performing, we look at the customer funnel – how visitors move across a retail site, from the homepage right through to checkout – and whether there have been any significant shifts in behaviour during the pandemic.

Watch this Weekly Data Show and gain insight into:

  • How the easing of restrictions has initially affected sales performance
  • How the various categories are performing
  • Whether the further easing of restrictions has had an impact on this
  • How the market will perform in the coming weeks
  • How the pandemic has affected online customer behaviour
  • How retailers have approached the customer funnel during the pandemic

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