IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #56

Now ten days into the further easing of government restrictions and opening of hospitality venues, we start to see a clearer picture of how this has affected the eCommerce industry and how certain sectors will fare as we continue to slowly emerge from lockdown 3.0.

In this episode, alongside our usual update on how the overall market is performing, we focus on ecommerce in the world’s largest online market China, speaking with Joseph Cooke, President and Co-founder of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, the world’s leading APAC ecommerce consultancy, who will tie together all of the key elements of a China market entry for global brands.

Metapack look at the future of the store, and how retailers are leveraging their store real estate for more efficient and cost-effective online fulfillment.

Plus we look at site navigation – how people use the site search bar and what their subsequent behaviour is across retail sites when using the various other options for navigation.

Watch this Weekly Data Show and gain insight into:

The UK market:​

  • How the eCommerce market is performing as restrictions continue to ease
  • How the various categories are performing
  • How consumer spending patterns have changed across the various categories
  • How people navigate online and what best practice looks like for retailers

The Chinese market:

  • How UK brands can launch and succeed online in the Chinese market in under 30 days
  • Which sectors are poised to succeed in China in 2021 and beyond
  • Product strategy, assortment and merchandising
  • How brands can leverage data in the market to mitigate risk and drive results

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