IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #57

In this episode, we deliver our monthly update and full review of what happened in online retail during May, as the UK continued to open up and people had more options to spend their money.

We look at how the gradual easing of restrictions is impacting demand online, and whether the stores being open is exerting any influence yet. With stores being open since 12 April, the relaxation of social guidance, and the entertainment sector opening up in May – you’ll discover what effects this had had on the eCommerce industry and how we expect eCommerce growth to continue as we emerge from lockdown over the coming weeks and month.

We also have a special guest speaker – David Witts, CRM Manager for PUMA Europe – who shares the challenges and successes involved in accelerating their customer engagement strategy, segmenting customers and delivering personalised communications at scale across 27 markets, driving 5x revenue share from email in just 6 months.

Watch this Data Show and walk away with insight into:

  • A full overview of eCommerce growth during May
  • How the various sectors performed throughout the month
  • How the market is performing against forecast
  • How the gradual easing of restrictions is impacting demand online
  • How we think eCommerce growth will continue to play out

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