IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #59

A Peak Trading Period Preview

With each peak trading calendar event taking on a character of its own, these busy periods refuse to settle into a pattern or conform to prediction - it’s a challenge to fully predict the course of events during this period. But, IMRG’s data experts plan to do just that on this hour long webinar.

Alongside our weekly sales performance update, this eCommerce Data show features a preview of the upcoming peak trading periods, revealing what our expectations are for peak trading in 2021 and how we think the industry will perform this year, taking into consideration the (hopefully) imminent withdrawal of COVID-19 restrictions and return to normality.

The peak trading periods represent a challenge and an opportunity. The question is how to stand out from the crowd — everyone is discounting, so what can a retailer do to earn shoppers’ attention and spend?

Also, Brad Houldsworth (Head of Product, Remarkable Commerce) takes us through their latest report in collaboration with IMRG on whether mid-sized retailers are keeping up with rapidly changing customer expectations. 

MoEngage present insights from their latest Personalisation Pulse Check Report 2021. MoEngage surveyed around 1,000 consumers across the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and the United States on what keeps them loyal to a brand.

Watch this peak preview eCommerce Data Show and discover:

  • A weekly eCommerce performance update
  • Sector performance for last week
  • Expectations for sales performance during the peak period
  • The impact on eCommerce operations

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