IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #65

This week's Data Show reviewed ecommerce performance across the whole of July – looking at the all-important month-on-month growth rates to see if they've continued to track below where it would usually be at this time of year. If so, then it tells us volume is still migrating to other spend areas but, if not, then it would suggest some stability emerging in our understanding of how the online / offline split is likely to look moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

Market Performance:

A review of ecommerce and online retail performance throughout the month of July, where most restrictions were rolled back.

Metrics and Optimisation:

How return rates are affected when customers order multiple items at the checkout, and what you can do to minimise impact.

In the Spotlight:

Pizza Hut discuss how they plot digital journeys using customer relevancy, slicing through the noise of a competitive industry.

Best Practise and Achieving Excellence:

Discover why sustainability isn't going anywhere and why it is so important in online retail, with ReBOUND Returns.

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