IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #66

Are multi-channel retailers still recording the highest growth rates?

Throughout the pandemic, it was the multichannel retailers who tended to record the highest rates of growth, as shoppers stuck with the high street brands they knew and trusted during lockdowns. How is that demand split settling down now that all restrictions have been lifted in England?

Key Takeaways:

Market Performance:

Find out how shopper behaviour has changed over the recent weeks and whether multi-channel retailer growth has started to slow.

Metrics and Optimisation:

Find out how whether the split between multi-channel and pureplay growth is consistent across the various categories and what to expect over the coming weeks and months.

In the Spotlight:

Gymshark’s Head of CRM - Sarah Brereton, chats with Emarsys about lessons the brand has learnt when it comes to hitting the moving target that is changing customer demand. 

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