IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show #67

How much has the pandemic affected conversion rate and how is the market currently performing? 

On the Data Show this week, we focused on whether customers are converting at a higher rate than normal due to the pandemic. The overall conversion rate did go up initially in the early months of the pandemic, but then it flattened out, so what's happening now?

We also had a Q&A with Reachfive, discussing the difference between online identities and profiles, uncovering what retailers can do to increase brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

Market Performance:

A review of ecommerce and online retail performance as the retail market continues to operate under unpredictable times.

Metrics and Optimisation:

Are we seeing any changes in conversion rates as restrictions ease, or in relation to the challenges around supply some retailers are experiencing?

In the Spotlight:

Discover how Bulk, the nutritional supplement company, used 1st party data to amplify their DTC approach, delivering a knockout blow to the challenges of 2020.

Best Practise and Achieving Excellence:

Find out how the various product categories are converting customers at different rates and whether there any differences between how they are optimising their conversion rate.

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