IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show – Black Friday Sales Performance in Review

Hosted by IMRG data gurus and special guest experts Laybuy, Red Hot Penny and Avalara, Click’s Weekly Retail Data Show gives you the actionable insight needed to identify growth opportunities, in a light hearted easy to access webinar format.

If you caught last week’s Data and Insight webinar, our data experts and guests looked at all things marketing. We delved into what marketing campaigns were successful, why they were successful, and how you can follow in the footsteps of those who came out on top.

This past week’s webinar looks back to last year, but this time we focused on sales patterns leading up to and during the Black Friday peak period.

With so much disruption to this year’s sales performance results and forecasts, we look back at how the various retail sectors performed throughout Black Friday in 2019. We present YOY comparisons to give you an oversight of how the retail industry has changed due to COVID-19 and other factors affecting shifts in demand.

Our experts break the data down sector-by-sector, showing you how and why certain categories have seen shifts in demand and changes in consumer behaviour. You’ll walk away with insight into what you can do to tackle the challenges this presents, whilst revealing opportunities for growth leading in to the peak periods.

Whilst this webinar will involve looking back, we’ll also delve in to current data to present forecasts and insight into how this year’s sales patterns will differ and how you can prepare your business to live up to these expectations.

Watch this webinar and walk away with insight into:

  • YOY retail sales performance results throughout Black Friday
  • The factors affecting shifts in demand in 2019 and 2020 during Black Friday
  • Takeaways from last year’s sales performance to ensure success in 2020
  • The strategies you can put in to place to ensure success in 2020

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