IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show - Emerging from Lockdown: August sales performance in review

Hosted by IMRG data gurus and special guest experts Maru, Intersoft and Royal Mail, Click’s Weekly Retail Data Show gives you the actionable insight needed to identify growth opportunities, in a light hearted easy to access webinar format.

Our data experts are back to present the retail industry’s most popular monthly round-up of online sales performance figures and insight into how individual sectors performed during the month of August.

Restrictions easing further in certain areas of the UK, tightening of lockdown rules in the north of England, and the government expanding its list of countries on the quarantine list, all play their part in affecting how certain sectors of the online retail market are performing.

This webinar breaks down the data IMRG has gathered during August, to deliver you with the actionable insight needed to optimise your performance. With peak periods for retailers looming and uncertainty being reflected in consumer behaviour, we’ll also give you an overview of what we anticipate the market will perform like in the coming months.

IMRG and Maru also reveal the eagerly anticipated UK Consumer Home Delivery Report

The UK Consumer Home Delivery Report, now in its twelfth edition, was also revealed during this webinar. We show you highlights from the report, which tracks levels of customer satisfaction and expectation regarding online delivery on a 12 year trend line.

This review is a pivotal tool which can help you shape your delivery proposition and anticipate future needs. Watch this webinar and gather snapshots of what has is regarded as a primary indicator of how shopper perception is evolving.

This webinar also hosted Maru, Intersoft, and Royal Mail for a 25 minute Q&A session

Watch this webinar and walk away with:

  • Insight in to how the online retail market performed during August
  • A sector-by-sector breakdown of how the online retail market performed during August
  • A forecast of the coming months and what you can do to start preparing for the upcoming peak periods
  • A snapshot and highlights of the UK Consumer Home Delivery Report

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