IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show - Emerging from lockdown: How is online retail demand shifting?

Hosted by IMRG data gurus and special guest experts Mirakl and Capgemini, Click’s Weekly Retail Data Show gives you the actionable insight needed to identify growth opportunities, in a light hearted easy to access webinar format.

IMRG’s focus was back on delivering the insight in to how the pandemic continues to affect online retail as we continue to enter new phases of lockdown restrictions, and consumer behaviour changes as new rules and regulations come in to place.

With certain sectors booming through the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re starting to see shifts in how these categories are performing. In this webinar, IMRG’s data experts reveal how demand is starting to settle for these sectors as we emerge from lockdown but continue to see uncertain times for the industry as a whole.

We also welcomed special guests Mirakl and Capgemini, who give you detailed insight in to how retailers on marketplaces are adapting to these shifts and starting to merchandise in the smartest way, so that they can continually show the most relevant products to both new and returning customers.

IMRG, Mirakl and Capgemini will continue to expand on what the ‘new normal’ for online retail looks like and how you can adapt your processes to meet these evolving changes in customer behaviour and spending patterns.

Watch this webinar and expect to gain insight in to:

  • How online retail demand continues to change as we emerge from lockdown
  • How consumer behaviour is changing and how you can adapt to this
  • How product categories are performing in the ever-evolving marketplace
  • How some of the biggest retailers are merchandising in the most profitable ways
  • What the ‘new normal’ looks like and how you can continue to prosper

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