IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show – Emerging from Lockdown: June online retail performance

Take a moment to find out how the industry performed as a whole during June...

With lockdown easing and non-essential shops re-opening from 15th June, shoppers made some tentative moves back to the high street while online continued to boom. What impact did have it have on all the categories IMRG tracks, and how did the second full week back for high street trading shift demand?

In this webinar, IMRG expert Matthew Walsh delves in to the data which IMRG has tracked, revealing whether the government guideline developments and re-opening of stores has had an impact on online retail. We’ll also look at how this compares to previous weeks where strict lockdown rules saw huge changes in demand, varying from sector to sector.

In this weekly update you will learn:

  • How the re-opening of stores has affected online retail

  • How customer behaviour has changed during June

  • How online demand has evolved during June

  • How to future-proof your online retail strategy coming out of lockdown

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