IMRG's Weekly Retail Data Show - How have smartphone sales performed through the pandemic?

Hosted by IMRG data gurus and special guest experts Brightcove and Kooomo, Click’s Weekly Retail Data Show gives you the actionable insight needed to identify growth opportunities, in a light hearted easy to access webinar format.

With the pandemic drastically changing customer behaviour and pushing retailers to operate purely online, this webinar will evaluate how this has affected smartphone sales and what changes retailers are making to the smartphone customer experience as a result.

Our experts take a deep-dive into the data surrounding smartphone and tablet sales performance during the pandemic, looking at overall performance and giving you insight into what factors of your own customer experience you can optimise to improve conversion, and ultimately achieve sales growth.

We also talk you through the customer funnel sales growth data and take a look at what best practice looks like, taking time to discuss how some of the best performing retailers are achieving success; and how you can optimise the various stages of your mobile / tablet customer funnel in order to convert more customers, increase sales, and retain those customers for future growth.

Watch this weekly data show and gain insight into:

  • How smartphone sales performed through the pandemic
  • What changes retailers have made to the smartphone customer experience as a result of the pandemic
  • Best practice for smartphone and tablet customer experience
  • How to optimise your smartphone and tablet customer funnel

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