Do your delivery updates live up to your customers’ demands?

Customers expect to be kept informed about the progress of their parcels. However, the requirements for information from B2C and B2B customers vary. With Consignor’s new Shipment Viewer, you can easily create tailored delivery updates for each of your customer segments.

Transparency is essential for the delivery experience. It gives the recipient a sense of reassurance in knowing where their parcel is, and that it’s delivered on time. Also, transparency reduces the number of WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls from customers. A British study shows, that 79% of online consumers consider it important to receive information regarding the progress of their deliveries.

According to E-commerce Expert, Arne Andersson, continuous tracking and comprehensive information about the entire delivery is key for online shops to provide high quality delivery experiences and keep customers coming back. He calls this information logistics:

“Information logistics is where and how we communicate with the receiver, after an order is booked: from order confirmation to delivery and returns. Communication before, during and after the delivery, is a big part of the buying experience and helps build a relationship of trust between the consumer and the online shop.”

Designed with customers in mind, Consignor’s new Shipment Viewer makes it easy to meet your customers’ high demands for key updates in the delivery process. It allows you to:

  • Provide shipment tracking information in a clear, user friendly way.
  • Send delivery updates triggered by different events in the delivery process.
  • Add additional marketing information, such as product discounts or sales.
  • Tailor the information being sent to each segment of your customer base.

Your customer base can be segmented by all kinds of metrics (age, sex, location, market etc.). Each segment has different requirements and options for you to tailor the delivery update. B2B customers’ demands can be quite different from B2C customers.

Tailor information for your B2B customers

Transparency in the delivery is not only reassuring for B2B recipients. It is also necessary in order to plan their operational activities in relation to the time of delivery, and see if the shipment is delayed, lost or damaged.

Our customers can’t do their job if they don’t get a timely delivery. Therefore, track & trace is an indispensable part of our delivery so that we are able to track shipments and notify our customers,” says Rolf Inge Danielsen, Logistics Director at Norwegian electronics wholesaler, Berggaard Amundsen, who ships to electricians throughout Norway.

With Consignor’s Shipment Viewer you can choose the types of content you want to include in the delivery updates for each of your customer segments. This includes:

  • Addresses– As default only the Country code and City are public, but you may choose to make additional information available.
  • Prices – Show the freight cost, especially relevant for B2B recipients rather than B2C.
  • Summary– Display the total number of packages, measurements, and ETA.
  • Marketing campaigns– Promote marketing initiatives or disable this option if not appropriate for a particular segment.
  • Key documents– When shipping across borders or shipping orders containing dangerous goods, you will be required to include certain documentation.
  • FAQ – Use this to provide specific FAQ information to your customers if required.

You can view the full list here.

If you want to find out more about how you can provide easy-to-understand track and trace information on all devices to your customers, customize the setup and design according to your brand, promote your latest marketing campaigns and much more, request a demo now.

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