Key Trends in 2021: How eCommerce has Evolved During Covid-19

The pandemic has evolved ecommerce as well as online consumer behaviour in unpredictable ways. Although the pandemic won’t last forever the new online consumer habits might. Retailers on and offline should take notice of this to stay competitive.

Data from IMRG shows that online sales in 2020 grew a whopping 37%. This increase is not surprising as Covid-19 enforced lockdowns temporarily closed non-essential shops, leaving consumers with no other choice than to do their shopping online.

It’s known that necessity is the mother of invention, as we saw consumers who were not used to shopping online becoming familiar with it during the pandemic.

A survey by Magento showed that 55% of consumers now shop online more frequently than they did prior to the pandemic, and for frequent online shoppers, this figure rises to 65%.

This led to a whole new level of online consumer behavior.

The Experienced and Aware Online Consumer

The increase in online shopping has made consumers more experienced, quality conscious and more selective about which brands they shop with. Things like proper product descriptions, easy to find prices and high quality product images are highly valued more than ever by customers.

In the online checkout, offering the right delivery options is crucial, as 50% of online consumers abandon a checkout due to a lack of delivery options. Ideally consumers want fast, free and sustainable delivery options leaving online shops no other option - if they want to stay competitive, than to improve their fulfillment capabilities.

Sustainability is a key factor, as 50% of consumers now say they are willing to pay more for “environmentally friendly” products or services.

These stricter consumer demands are unlikely to change radically post pandemic, as many will probably keep their new online shopping habits, or be wary of shopping in physical stores.

Retailers failing to accommodate these new consumer demands will most likely end up driving consumers away instead of converting them into customers.

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