Turn your parcel delivery updates into a powerful marketing tool

Sending delivery updates via email presents an immense opportunity for you to market your brand and upsell to your existing customers. Here is how you get more out of your parcel delivery updates.

What if you could be confident that nearly three quarters of your target group were exposed to your promotional activities? Sounds unbelievable right?

Well, it is not! Statistics show that 69% of people prefer parcel delivery updates via email, with 28% preferring SMS notifications.

So why not use this golden opportunity to promote your brand and products to a highly engaged audience? Here are some tips to help you turn your parcel delivery updates into a powerful marketing tool.

  1. Embed your brand identity
    Use your logo and brand colors to show the recipient immediately that your brand is the sender of the update.
  2. Choose your promotion wisely
    Determine what you want to promote in the delivery update: special discounts, related products, bestsellers, campaigns, events, your brick and mortar stores etc. Less is more – you don’t want to confuse the recipient with too many promotions in one notification.
  3. Provide a personal touch
    Use your customer’s first name for an added personal touch. But personalization doesn’t have to end there! Segment your subscribers, (by age, sex, location etc.) and send promotions that resonate with each specific group.
  4. Use triggers for different promotions
    Consider if different shipping events such as shipped from warehouse, received at sorting terminal, delivered at recipient etc. should trigger different types of promotions.
  5. Promote your social media channels
    Invite the recipient to follow your organization on social media and encourage them to become brand advocates. This can be done in an engaging way by promoting the use of inspiring hashtags and/or displaying your latest social media campaign.
  6. Mobile optimized
    Remember, your delivery notification e-mails should be mobile-optimized as most e-mails are being read from a mobile device.

Include parcel delivery updates as part of your marketing campaigns and take the opportunity to promote your brand and products through a whole new channel.