Meet your customers: Data-led insights to delight your digital customer

We at Qubit serve 31 of the top one hundred online retailers in the UK. By analysing their data, we have seen important trends that demonstrate a lot about the industry. But most interestingly, we have gained clear insights into who customers are and how they behave.

We have therefore split this report into four clear sections that represent the lifecycle of the customer: the prospect, the visitor, the purchaser, and the lifetime customer.

At each stage of the cycle we have asked key questions of the data. For example: when a user has bought once, how likely are they to repurchase? What is the relative value of mobile, tablet and desktop? How many pages will a customer consult before they purchase? Does the Average Order Value increase with repeat purchases?

The questions we have asked are of the industry at large. But our hope is that this analysis will inspire you to drill down into your own data, to drill through the noise and hear what your customer has to say.


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